Mobile car washers can’t keep up with the demand for their services!

The owner of this car has more money than time. He’ll pay you generously to wash it at his home or office..

Affluent, busy people don’t have time to wash their car, but they need a clean car for their image and and for their business.  Mobile car washers stay so busy because their clients those cars won’t stay clean for long!

Running a mobile car wash is a smart way to make a lot of money without risking much cash.

Read on…this might be the perfect business for you.

How much can you make?  More than you think.

Your goal is to wash a lot of cars in a few locations.  Think golf clubs, exercise gyms, and business parks.  You can wash up to 16 cars a day.  At $25 each, that’s $400 a day.  Expenses could be $15 in soap and gas.

Check out the perks of owning a mobile car wash:

  • Set your own schedule.
  • Be your own boss.
  • Pay down credit card debt.
  • Buy cool stuff.

Watch this video now to discover how my business kit will solve your biggest obstacle to making money as a mobile car washer.

The profits come easy with the “In the Bucket” kit.
Here’s what you get.

1.  All the stuff you need to wash cars flawlessly…without a water hose.6towelsnbucket

It’s never been easier to run a mobile car wash, thanks to the recent invention of  waterless car washing.  The equipment fits easily in your trunk:

  1. 5 Gallon bucket.  Includes spill-proof lid.
  2. Optimum No Rinse (32 oz.) wash solution.  Add 1 oz. of this solution to 2 gallons of water, and you have enough to wash a full-size SUV.  Learn more about ONR here.
  3. Grit Guard.  Keeps your wash mitt clean, so you won’t scratch a customer’s car.
  4. (2) Wash mitts. Artificial lambs-wool mitt captures dirt easily, and won’t shed when laundered.
  5. (6) Microfiber drying towels.  Thick, absorbant towels absorb maximum water with little effort.  No shedding or scratching.

Buy nothing more, this is everything you need to deliver super-clean cars to your customers.


2.  Learn at home with the ebook that guarantees your success:  “The Mobile Car Wash Operations Guide.”  

Written by Bob Keppel, author of the best selling course “The Car Detailing Blueprint.” Reading this operations guide is like attending a car washing “bootcamp.”  Learn:

  1. Washing like a pro. Work fast and never miss a detail.  Tips and pointers on making cars cleaner than even the most demanding customers expect.
  2. Pricing.  How to factor the size, condition, and location of your customer’s car to offer at a price that’s fair for them and profitable for you.
  3. Phone sales.  Mental “triggers” that cause casual phone callers to become buyers.
  4. Prospecting.  How to attract customers in business parks (you’ve seen them…rows of unwashed $50k cars).  Who to approach, how to approach them, and real tactics to gain their weekly business.
  5. Internet marketing.  Putting your website where it will be found:  Google, Yahoo, Yelp, and more.  How to stand out on Craigslist.  Tips for accumulating the positive reviews that will build your company’s reputation.
  6. Securing weekly service.  Where to find the customers that want weekly car washing, how to let them “sample” your service (without giving it away), and how to secure monthly contracts that ensure your stable income.
  7. Preparation and supplies.  A system for keeping your supplies “ready to go” at all times and on short notice.

3.  Your own, live website:  reach millions of car owners online!

website template for mobile car wash

The Internet is where customers look  for a mobile wash , but WEBSITES DON’T COME CHEAP:  $250+ for the design, and $130 a year for hosting.  That’s more than you can spend as a newcomer, so I’m giving you a custom website:

  • Free hosting.  No fees of any kind at all…ever.
  • Fresh design.  Warm graphics and a “meet the owner” feature build trust with visitors.
  • Easy setup.  Watch a short video showing you how to set up and customize your website.
  • Want a domain? Like   We can set that up for you.
  • An instant online presence.  Set up takes about 10 minutes and your website is LIVE.
  • Search engine guide.  Tips on getting listed (and found) on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, Citysearch, and more.
  • Collect reviews.  Also includes proven tactics to acquire reviews from your customers to create a fast-growing buzz about your company.

Click here to see what your site will look like live.

4.  Craigslist ad template:  get a professional image on “The List.”cl_ad

Craigslist is THE starting place for a new car wash:  an ocean full of customers and NO COST to reach them.  But you MUST LOOK PROFESSIONAL to get noticed, so I’m giving you this customizable template.

  • Simple instructions.  You don’t need to be a computer wiz.  Just follow our step-by-step instructions in plain English.
  • Easily customized.  Edit your Small Business name, email, and phone number.
  • A professional image.  Get DOUBLE the response rate of text-only ads.

5. Business card template:  look like a pro to car wash business card

Your business card sells for you when you’re not around, so I’m giving you a custom design that makes it clear you’re serious about the dirty business of car washing.

  • Sharp, clean design.  Customers quickly “get” what you do and how to reach you, fast.
  • Easily customized.  I show you how, in a short video.
  • Order online.  Upload to VistaPrint, place your order, and your cards are in your hands within days.

“Made money on my first day.”

The website and craigslist ad I got from your course are gold!  Lined up with 5 washes in 4 hours for $150.  2 of the customers want me to come back next week.
Peter Nactil
Guam Mobile Carwash
Island of Guam

“Great starter business for young people.”

I set up this business in about a day so I can tutor some kids about hard work, organization, and discipline.  Congrats on making a really thought-out product.
Charles Kearse
Impact Mobile Carwash
Middletown, NY

“Over $600 in washes last week.”

I read your website and I kept having this nagging feeling that I need to get it, but I fought it. Long story short, I figured if I’m not happy I could get my money back so I did it. Best decision I ever made.  Did over $600 of washes last week, and making more each new week!
Jonathan Chase
Allen, TX

Get it all for just $69!

mobile car wash starter kit

UPS Ground shipping charges:  $15.  3-5 day delivery (USA only).

Ask yourself:  how many in-demand businesses can you can really start for $69?

And even better, are they risk free?  If for any reason you can’t make great money washing cars within 60 days of buying the “Car Wash in a Box,” you can send it back for a full refund.

You can get your car wash running within a day of receiving your “In the Bucket” kit!


Or get the course and marketing materials for just $19!

Instantly download your order and you could be making money by tomorrow!


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To your happy future as an independent business owner…


Bob Keppel
Mobile Car Wash Business Kit


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